Eyelashes serums – what do (not) we know about them?

Eyelashes serums – what do (not) we know about them?

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Women highlight their beauty in different manner. Some emphasize on the clothes, for others the perfume or the elegant jewelry is more important. But what unites all the women on the planet is that each of them wishes to have a magnetic glance. Emphasis on the eyes except for using the appropriate make-up and mascara depends on the strength and density of your eyelashes. Various cosmetic brands now offer products to enhance and strengthen the eyelashes. The active ingredients in them nourish and stimulate growth. It is good, before purchasing such serum to be well informed about its properties and to ensure that it will not harm your health and particularly your eyes.

Here is some more information on the most commonly used ingredients in eyelashes:

1. Peptides
Usually the ingredients that can be found on the packaging are Pentapeptide 17 and Pentapeptide 16. Said into plain words peptides are proteins. In human body they are “the information messengers” that transmit information between cells, so they can function properly. Peptides in the serums for eyelashes act in the same way – they instruct cells how to behave and stimulate them to synthesize certain ingredients on which depends the lashes’ growth. In general, the peptides are thought to be safe and their use doesn’t lead to known side effects.

2. Prostaglandins (or chemical analogues like Ethylcloprostenolamide, or Isopropyl Cloprostenate)
Their miraculous effect on the lashes was first discovered as a side effect of the medicine used to treat glaucoma. Ophthalmologists have noticed that the lashes of their patients have dramatically lengthened during therapy. Using eyelashes serum with prostaglandin will make considerable resemblance between your eyelashes and the dreamt ones that Hollywood stars' have. But here comes the BUT. Many ophthalmologists express their concern on the numerous side effects like change of the iris color (often permanent), itching, eye pain, eye irritation, and darker pigmentation around the eye. Also, if a drop of a product with prostaglandin gets into the eye, it can lead to changes in the eye pressure and flushing (remember, they are used in anti-glaucoma medications), which are potentially dangerous to the health. Therefore, prostaglandin containing products are prohibited in some developed countries for use as a cosmeceuticals. So, consult your physician before reaching for a product that contains them. 

3. Plant stem cells
Some plants are considerably more resistant to external impacts than others. This came as a result of long years of evolution. The power of the plants is encoded in their stem cells, therefore extracts of some species are used successfully in cosmetics. Alike the shampoos against hair loss, some eyelash serums are enriched with stem cells from the rare Swiss apple sort “Utwiler schpetlouber”, which is among the protected species. Fruits of this tree remain fresh months over, while other apples wilt and shrivel. Stems of this apple are capable to enhance the life of hair follicles that stops eyelashes’ fall and they become thicker and longer.

Eyelash enhancer by Rejuvesse MD is unique as it contains plant stem cells and peptides, and no form of prostaglandin is included in its formula.

So, it is really important that the eyelash serum you buy works and provides longer and more beautiful lashes. But before choosing a particular product, think also about its safety and your health. It is important to be beautiful but the most beautiful face is the healthy face!